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About us

Taylors Surf was established by the late Errol Hunter. Errol lived in one of the baches overlooking the bay, only a few metres above sea level, with one heck of a view.

Sadly Errol passed away after a long battle with cancer at the end of August, 2016. Webmad, Errols website hosting partner, with the support of the Hunter family, are continuing the service in rememberance of Errol, and looking to try to ensure this valuable service continues for many years to come.

Taylors surf is a labour of love which Errol funded. The inspiration for the site was to help others - thousands of surfers visit the bay every month, but if the conditions aren't fantastic, it can be a wasted trip over the hill form Christchurch - our nearest major city. By being able to see the conditions online before you head over the hill, its a massive benefit, and as such, the webcam on average gets over 7000 views a day.

Every year it gets harder to keep this site online, so your donations or sponsorship go a long way to help us keep this valuable service online, supporting surfers, swimmers, and bay visitors plan their visits. Contact us if your keen to support through sponsorship, advertising opportunities, or by donating because you have found this service valuable